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Kaitlin Woodward


This is my story...

I am a Colorado-born artist who works in all types of media, but majorly digital photography. I grew up hearing about my father talk about film with the shutter speed capturing water movement and other nature photographs. I have been an artist since my freshman year of high school, where I learned about Fine Art and its importance, but also the immense joy in creating it. In later High School years, I dabbled in photography on the side. My love of photography did not start until after my first year in college at the University of Colorado, Denver. 

The birth of my daughter in early 2012 caused me to explore the camera as a medium for art as I strived to hold on to those fast-changing moments permanently. Parenting also changed my view on photography. I progressed from only capturing those beautiful moments in nature to exploring the emotions that photographs can hold and display. I strive to capture the audience’s attention to drag them in and personally feel the depth of the experiences and passion within the photograph. Currently, I am creating this ephemeral work about struggles with Postpartum Depression, along with in the process of my last semester of an undergrad degree in fine art, photography from the University of Colorado, Denver. I plan to open a studio to create emotionally moving artwork after graduation.


I have displayed paintings at Arvada Center’s High School Art Show in 2009 and 2010, and one of the pictures is placed in the Administrative Office for a permanent display. Other works have been paintings and photography for the University of Colorado Medicine - Anschultz Center’s Neuro-Palliative Care team.

I’d love to talk to you about your artistic visions and how we can create a piece unique for you. Please send me a message below.

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